One thought on “Oxford to Cambridge Route Options

  1. You will by now seen the comments in the newsletter regarding the east west expressway. Information required as per the email below.
    Can I therefore ask all of you to speak to your neighbours and friends within the Parish, and draw up a list of important locations in the parish which would be impacted by an O2C through / past our community: this needs to be in the form of a list giving details of each site / heritage building, plus a map showing those sites. Send them to me at this email address, marked “EAG Evidence Pack from xxxxxxx Parish”, and we will combine them all and send on to Highways asap.

    Please note, the evidence has to be based on objective data – if you intend including (for example) key wildlife data, this should ideally be validated by one of the recognised Oxfordshire wildlife organisations: they may be willing to help you with data on your local key wildlife areas.

    Please also think about including important Heritage sites – for example, Dorchester-on-Thames PC would want to include Dorchester Abbey on its list of sites threatened by Noise pollution: they would list the Abbey and give a short description of its huge historical importance etc. There will undoubtedly be many Heritage sites and buildings which Highways team may overlook if we don’t tell the. please send your responses back to her marked “EAG Evidence Pack from xxxxxxx Parish” at as soon as it’s ready . Thank you

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